Once an empire reaching from Greece to India under Alexander the Great,

Has become the focus of the latest Balkan crisis.

A rebellion by ethnic Albanians against the Skopje(Macedonian) government has broken out,with clashes erupting near Tetovo.

The Macedonian government says the fighting was instigated by ethnic Albanian infiltrator from Kosovo,where a NATO-led force ousted the Serb-led Yugoslav army two years ago.

Unlike ethnic Albanians in Kosovo,Those in Macedonia have equal protection under the law,although they complain of serious discrimination.


After centuries of rule by Romans,Byzantines and Ottomans,the Macedonian area was 

absorbed by Serbia,Greece and Bulgaria at the end of the Balkan wars,1912-13.

The Serbian part became a republic of Yugoslavia in 1946,and it declared independence in 1991.




The Macedonian goverment says the Albanian minority is well represented:

But the insurgents demand:

The government has refused to negotiate with the militants,saying they are dominated by Albanian radicals from Kosovo.



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